Every hard beginning has a happy ending if you put your mind to it. In my journey, moving to the United States, I soon realized that many people did not know much about Ecuador.

Mostly they mentioned Galapagos (our enchanted islands) very famous worldwide and also bananas, which are one of our main export products. In a way I was not surprised since it is a small country in terms of its territory. So I was very excited to proudly show the world a bit of my small but diverse Ecuador and why not South America. Ecuador is a small country for its territory but very diverse, with four distinct regions: The Pacific Coast with beautiful beaches, Galapagos Islands with its famous giant tortoises and diversity of animals, The Andes Mountains with its majestic volcanoes, some of them active, and The Amazon Jungle.

Each of these regions close to one another, allowing visitors to travel from one region to another within a single day. Over time a wonderful man came into my life who is now my boyfriend. A charming American who without much expectation stole my attention and heart. Little by little I showed him a bit of my culture and gastronomy that he undoubtedly loves today. Over time I also realized how famous the llamas and alpacas of the Andes have become in the United States and in the world in general.

So I decided to undertake with my American boyfriend and today we are happy to bring a little piece of my Ecuador to our public. Alpaca fiber world-renowned for being hypoallergenic, with a unique and ultra-soft texture. We invite you to surprise your senses and show off our collection of ponchos and shawls. To feel the softness of alpaca fiber, the unique and exquisite smell of Palo Santo, and to give your home that cozy touch with our collection of blankets, ponchos and shawls.



Apart of the amazing places to visit, with a nice weather and natural reserves like Galapagos, Ecuador has wonderful handmade products by native people. These artisans work hard to create a colorful and unique products.

By selling some of our handicrafts, we want to show the world how wonderful Ecuador is and at the same time supporting our artisans and their family members.