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Alpaca wool blanket handmade by artisans in Ecuador - South America.

Bright colors make this blanket perfect for decorative use on a bed or couch. Alpaca wool products are ideal to use in winter. Stay warm & cozy! Feel the difference

- SUPER-FAST SHIPPING: We ship from the US, within 24 hours after you complete your purchase. (You will receive your order 2-3 days after you ordered).

- EASY TO CARE: Our 80% alpaca, 20% recycled acrylic blend makes them MACHINE WASHABLE on a delicate cycle using cold water. You can also use the dryer machine on low heat 🙂.

We understand our customers needs. So you will have the option to clean your blanket at home, saving money and time.

- High quality: Alpaca wool has been recognized internationally for its high quality. It is hypoallergenic, extremely soft, surprisingly warm and lightweight. You can be sure that a product made from alpaca will be durable and will keep you warm and cozy.

- Cruelty free: Shearing the alpaca's wool not only provides material to make these beautiful products, but it also helps the animals stay healthy and clean. We care about the wellbeing of the animals and the environment, so we only follow cruelty free and sustainable processes.

- Fair trade: Local people from Otavalo, Ecuador make lots of products like blankets, scarves, socks, hats, gloves and ponchos using alpaca fiber. We work with local artisans to help support these communities.

Size: 90" x 65" QUEEN US.


  • USA - Free shipping - Priority Mail  ( We ship from the USA)
  • International worldwide shipping: The cost may vary according to the country.        ( We ship from the USA).

Material: 80% alpaca 20% recycled acrylic. (This blend makes them machine washable on a delicate cycle using cold water, you can also use the dryer machine on low heat).

What differentiates us from other shops?

- Being Ecuadorian allows me to work directly with the amazing team of artisans, so that way as you can see we can give you a better price.

- We are committed to our talented artisans, not just giving them a fair price for their hard work, also showing them how people love what they do. We work with some women artisans associations in Ecuador and Peru. You can find more about their stories and their goals in the "Our Story" section and also on our site.


Customer Reviews

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The quality is excellent. I have been cha...

The quality is excellent. I have been changing all my blankets out to different wools from fleece because I find wool blankets breathe better. This is my latest pickup, and definitely the nicest looking so far.

This blanket is so soft and gorgeous color...

This blanket is so soft and gorgeous coloring! It was sort of a wedding gift we put together. 'Dark Sky Stargazing Kit' with a picnic table/basket, whiskey glasses, and this blanket!

Great quality, very soft and warm.

Great quality, very soft and warm.